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Newbie help, please.

I'm 41 and have one child delivered by C-section.  I bought a Diva cup size 2, then found this forum and realized there were many other options.

Before I had a chance to try a dry-run, my period started (last Sunday).  I was out when it started, so just used a tampon.  Monday I inserted my Diva cup at 6:30am using the punch-down fold.  It leaked some, and I couldn't tell if it had opened at first.  After a few minutes I felt it pop open, so O.K. 

I didn't really have any trouble getting it in, and it felt O.K., but I was a little nervous about it so at 9am I took it out.  (No problem taking it out.)  I emptied it, cleaned it and put it back in.   After putting it in the second time I noticed it didn't pop open until about an hour after I put it in.  After that it didn't leak at all.

I had read about people just changing it morning and evening, so I decided to not mess with the rest of the day.  By the evening I was feeling a little crampy, which is not typical for my period.  And not really crampy so much as sore.  I took the Diva cup out at 10pm.  I used a pad overnight.  When I tried to put the cup back in on Tuesday morning, I could only stand to wear it for about an hour, then I took it out and used a tampon.  My vagina muscles just felt tired.

My cycle is usually heavy on the first couple of days, then a trickle for two days for a total of 4 days.  Using tampons, I have to change the tampon every two hours the first day, then every 3-4 the second day.  By this time, my vagina is feeling pretty tired and I sometimes can't get a tampon in late in the day.  My body just needs a break.  The Diva cup being so wide, I think it just wore out my vagina quickly.

Is this something I will get used to?  Will my body adapt to the Diva cup?  Should I go with something more narrow?  Should I have not used it so long the first time out?

Sorry this is so long, I just wanted you to have all the data.  Thanks for any advice you can give me.

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