aura_lee (aura_lee) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Looking for a New Cup

Ok, so I have the Diva cup and while I love it, I am thinking about getting a new cup because there are a few things about it that bother me.

1.)  It sits at the bottom of my vagina...often poking out a little and this is with the stem cut all the way off.

2.)  Sometimes it can be a pain in the butt to get in.  I have had it for almost a year now, and I still have trouble getting it to pop open, sometimes taking 2-3 tries to get it to do so.  This does not work very well for a lady who is running late all the time.

I have read through all of the memories and charts and comparisons and such, but I would like some personal opinions on which cup people have found best for these things:

1.)  Easily pops open.

2.)  Short cup (with or without stem).  The Diva being so low bothers me, but I don't know if it's because of the shape of the Diva or because of my body.  I am hoping a shorter cup would at least sit a bit higher. (Let me know if I am wrong.)

3.)  On my heaviest days, I can go on the Diva for about 12 hours, but it is completely full to the "change" line...I would like my next cup to have a similar capacity/changing time.

Thanks in advance!

ETA:  I am trying it now with the Diva turned inside out.  I feel a bit woozy...this may be psychosomatic, but it still feels weird. It almost feels like the cup is going to turn right side in at any moment inside me... But it is definitely shorter. We'll see how it goes for a few more hours.

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