e_moo1 (e_moo1) wrote in menstrual_cups,

IUD strings and cups...

I totally love my menstrual cups and have been using them for a couple of months. Only now I have a paragard IUD. I haven't had my first IUD period yet but I have had some spotting. I tried to use the cup (pinkcup) so I could wear a little mini skirt and it worked very well... until I tried to take it out. The strings on my IUD are long I think and the cup "rearranged" them even though I made sure to break suction. I'm not sure if I actually yanked or came close to expelling or anything, but it was enough rearrangement to cause mental discomfort, if ya know what I mean. I bought a whole bunch of material to make my own cloth pads (I bought some of those terry towels from the auto department b/c they were cheap, absorbent and super soft! haha) BUT I really don't want to depend on just pads for what could be one of the heaviest periods of my life.
Does anybody have any suggestions? If I were to get the strings cut shorter, would there be less of an expulsion risk? I guess I'd better get to sewing, but in the meantime any suggestions on how to deal with this is very welcome. Thanks!
Tags: iud, lady cup

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