tdh_1 (tdh_1) wrote in menstrual_cups,


I have finally figured it out! Hurray!

My periods are all screwy because I'm in perimenopause. I went 77 days in between this time and let me tell you, it's a doozy. For 2 days I filled my cup to the brim just about every hour.

I tried a different fold (punch down) and I placed the folded part down rather than up like I had been doing and felt to be sure my cervix was in the cup. As long as I emptied the cup as soon as I felt the little bubbly feeling, I did fine. I am successful!

Now about that heavy period. I have a dr. appointment tomorrow and I'm hoping she will tell me it's normal to be so heavy after no period for 77 days.

OT, here's my little Charlie cat as my icon. Yes, he really is playing in the bathtub water. He does it every single time I take a bath. Hahaha. Sometimes, he can't even wait for me to get out before he's in, deep water or not!

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