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Yay! Victory is miiine!

I know I posted here a few months ago in a frenzied sort of panic trying to figure out what kind of cup I should get. I settled on a Lunette... whichever one is the bigger one. For those of you still debating the whole cup thing, or even for y'all who like success stories, I'm posting the TMI stuffs after the break~ I dunno, I found it was helpfull to see what other gals with similar situations or body types got.

So, um, this is me. 21, female, slightly overweight, no kids, started the monthly massacre when I was 11 or 12(yeah, I forgot), heavy flow(I consider it to be) that likes to play the "HEY! I'm starting now! HA! Lies~!" game, consider myself to have a "short" vag(I can feel the end of the... road, lets call it, if I stick mah fingers up there), that isn't that large(well, I can fit 2 fingers comfortably. 3 is ow). I like to use the punchdown fold :3 I bled through missile sized tampons in 3-4 hours on my heaviest days(And thats only when I noticed my undies were all bloody). Cup? Changed it at 7 hours - wasn't even halfway through.

I just finished my second cycle with my Lunie(yeah, creative name, I know. shush). OK, the first one didn't count for much, it was two clots of blood on one day. No lie. THIS round was the hardcore blood, clots, bloody mucus strings(for the gal that posted about them earlier, yeah, its that whole rope-y line thing. I think its kinda funny). I didn't have any trouble getting my cervix in(it moves down, never noticed it untill I started using a cup. And then once I'm done bleeding, my cervie ditches me and runs back up), it pops open without a problem if I rinse it in cold water, I check to make sure the seal is good by runing my finger around the edge and giving the stem a gentle tug. Did I ever feel it? Nope

For those of you concerned that the blood will splash everywhere, menstrual blood isn't like wine. Its more... Syrup. Thick maple syrup. Unless you tip it on its side while removing it, or break the seal by squishing it too high up when removing(yeah, I did that one day, my bad), you shouldn't have problems.

If your wondering how amazing and fantastic a cup is... I'm trying to figure out how I've spent my period-life without it. The first solid day using my cup I went into the bathroom at the end of my work shift, emptied it, and came out giddy and giggling. I had NEVER had a period start out so amazing.

The tampon/pad smell? Non existant.
Leaks? None. NONE. I bleed through tampons all the time
Blood all over hands from dealing with a bloody tampon string? Nope. No blood on these hands.
Able to wear my cute white polka dot undies without worry? Hell yeah.
Worry free sleep nights? Slept like a baby for 12 hours. Straight through.
Cramps? Not as severe and only lasted for ONE day instead of the entire length of sacrifice week.
Wondering if I have enough tampons to make it through the day? Ha, no. I could change it as often or as few times as I needed.
And since my cyle is highly irregular... I just put it in 4 days early and checked it every 12 untill I could tell I was really bleeding. Sometimes I do lighter stuff at the very start that I miss with tampons. Tampons I would use when I realized I was already bleeding. Cups you start to use before the mess starts. And then I left it in for 2 days after I had stopped bleeding, to catch the very last bits of bloody whatever. I'm not gonna lie, I forgot to change it for a day(yeah, a whole 24 hours) and didn't have any problems.

Back in the tampon era, I felt dirty and gross durring sacrifce week. The cup? Felt clean and fresh the whole time.

And thats why I love my cup.
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