A (urban_faerie_) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I think I Just Ordered A Lunette...

So I've been a Diva Cup user for about a year now and although I've been satisfied with how comfortable it is, I've never been totally happy with how difficult it can be to pop open or remove with that short little stem!

I've been lurking on this group for a while and decided that it might be a good idea to invest in a lunette, everyone who uses it seems to like it so much and I hear it pops open much easier than the diva.

I decided to buy direct from their website (even though it's more expensive that way) since I was a bit dubious about going through a third party and besides, I like to support companies directly. However, I've never filled out an order form like that before. It said it used paypal but after I filled in my shipping info it just said, "we'll be in touch with you soon", it didn't direct me to paypal like every other online order I've ever made, nor did it charge me for shipping. I felt a little funny about it. Has anybody else had this experience? Might it be because I'm ordering from the US? Is the lunette website the best way to go or are their others that can get you the cup faster?

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