Niomi Panshiko (panshiko) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Niomi Panshiko


Last night I accidentally had sex with my cup in. I didn't realize much of a difference, other than that his penis had a hard time getting inside. We were drunk so I didn't think much of that.. but his penis was probably having trouble while it pushing the cup further inside me. I don't feel hurt, rubbed a little raw maybe, but I've felt worse after having rougher sex without the cup. My husband said he didn't feel any different before I told him I accidentally left the cup in, but afterward he freaked out and said the tip of his penis felt sore from being bumped up against the mostly clipped stem. I don't know how much he felt, it seemed like he was just freaking out, but either way I don't think there's any lasting damage.

Edit: It's a small Lady Cup. I understand it to be the smallest and most pliable of cups (bounces about a foot if I drop it!) so I imagine it would have turned inside out a little while he was inside me. I'm surprised I didn't notice because it usually sits so low inside me that the bottom of the bell sticks out a little... not so much to be uncomfortable, but not enough to have room for company. I wasn't flowing at the time so I couldn't tell you if it would be a good way to control the mess while having intercourse on your period. (I had finished my period a few days before but sometimes it comes comes back and surprises me a couple of days later, so I kept the cup in.)
Tags: sexual activity
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