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retiring emma? no no no

I don't want to retire my keeper moon cup U.S already, but I fear I have no choice, and ladies i need your help.

So last night my boyfriend and I had phone sex because atm he's way too far away, and well masterbating helps cramps... so shoot me. and this morning I woke up with that night mare thing of blood caked on my legs, and oh no. So I went in the bathroom and checked my cup. Shew as bairily half way full. I took a bath and theorized because the vagina expands with excitement it probibly broke the seal and I'm not an intelagant person. I sleep on my side or tummy, and i move at night.

i put my cup in and things seem to be ok, until i lay down to put peroxide in my ear. I sit up from being on my side and feel gush. It litterally seemed to come out of my cup, and out of me on to the panties. this made me sad. It seems like the cup is too small to seal properly any more. I'm 21 and am not a vergin. The only thing I've done since my last period in papril hat is different is got a new larger in the size department sexual partner.

So here's my question. Should I get the bigger size of the cup I have, or what cup is bigger around than the keeper moon cup. I am currently using the deeva that my room mates share, and so far it's ok, but I've only been using it for an hour or so. Btw it was boiled before I used it... we are scarry, but not atat scarry.
So um ya... Please help, I love my cup, and I am willing to get a new one, but I don't want tampons anymore.
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