Sarah (1girl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Goodbye, tampons!

I just successfully finished my first period with the Diva cup, and with the help of this awesome community, I can't imagine ever using tampons again under any circumstance.  The problems some people have with the Diva turned out to be exactly what I needed; my cervix sits really high (I can barely reach it with my longest finger), and the cup rides high also, but doesn't leak so I guess that's fine. The length of the cup worked out in my favor.  I can't imagine how difficult it would be to try to remove a shorter cup.  I don't plan on cutting the stem either, it's been invaluable in helping me put the cup in and take it out.  Just goes to show you how varied the female body can be.

Anyway, I knew that I had made the right decision in purchasing the cup on my heaviest day of my period.  When I woke up that morning with the cup in, I experienced some leakage, but luckily not until I got to the bathroom.  I have one or two periods a year that are crazy ridiculous heavy.  I had already used the cup for two days with no leakage, but when I saw the bloodbath it was a clear indication I was going to have mega flow that day.  Since I wasn't 100% confident in my cup yet, I figured I would use tampons because I have a better idea of how often to change them and the amount of time it takes me to get them in is much less.  So I went to work sans cup, and what do I discover?  Major leakage with the tampons.  My flow was so heavy that I would get leakage unless I changed my tampon every two hours exactly.  I was getting really incredibly frustrated and constantly nervous about leaks.  (Whoever said something in this community about using salt on a stain, you are a life saver...or a pants saver.)  After work I was going to happy hour with some friends, and I was getting so frustrated with leaky tampons that I figured what the hell and put the cup back in, completely unsure of what would happen.  Much to my surprise, I felt completely confident (and dry!) the whole time.  No mess, no leaks, no worries.  Using the two back to back made me realize what a wonderful option the cup is.  I used the cup for the rest of my period with great success.  I feel lucky in that my body seemed to naturally "take to" the cup, and I'm excited about a future that doesn't involve carrying around tampons or dreading my period.

I'm a convert!
Tags: divacup, first time use, success stories

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