Sarah Irene (forgottenhall) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Sarah Irene

Turning it inside out and a dab of lube goes a long way.

Wow! I'm so happy. I began using my cup about 5 months ago and have really enjoyed the convience but HAVE found it a bit uncomfortable, especially when my periods light. I use the diva cup and I realize its the largest but it's the only one I could buy locally! :) Anyway my period was so light today..half a teaspoon from noon till 9 PM that the cup was painful because of a lack of lube and a tampon was even worse because it sucked everything up. I was really stumped about what to do and thought I'd have to haul out one of my sisters diaper like maxi pads!!

I decided to put the little pack of lube from the health clinic to use and try a different fold. Punch down didn't help much but then I turned my cup inside out AND did the punch down AND lubed it and VOILA

And it's never been this comfortable!!!

Fingers crossed that it's suctioned well. It's still dented on the side but often times its like that and works fine or just works itself out to be smooth.

But anyway for women struggling with the size of the diva TRY TURNING IT INSIDE OUT nad using some lube if you want as well before buying a whole new cup :D

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