faith105 (faith105) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Thinking about ordering cup, leakage question.



I'm thinking about ordering a cup but am worried it may not work for me.

The first three days of my period are very heavy. I use tampons and they leak within 40 mins to an hour. I take them out and they're only about half saturated, one side is literally clean, so clearly they're not doing their job. I've tried every absorbency, different brands, and it makes no difference.

I've been using tampons for 5+ years and have always had this problem. I'm forced to use both a pad and a tampon and it's really frustrating. I've come to the decision that my body must just be shaped weird and that's why tampons don't work. Has anyone had this problem and found that menstrual cups work better for them? If I can't use tampons without leaking will cups also most likely leak?
I'd appreciate any opinions.



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