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Riding Up, Leakage & Removal Issues

OK - just received my Moon Cup (USA) this week, and am so excited!  I actually received it the same day my period started (how nice was that?), so I got to try it out right away.  Had the normal insertion issues the first few times, but that's going much smoother since I read about the 7 fold.  However, I've had to use a maxi pad (not just a liner) because of the leakage.  The FAQ's on the Cup site don't really go into details about problems - they actually kind of lead you to believe there won't be any - so I'm very glad I found this site.

I'm on my 4th day, and I have only received a good seal twice (and that was probably by accident, because I'm not really doing anything different).  It feels like the cup is expanded and round like it should be, and the cup is getting fluid in it, but a good portion is also getting through.  I've only had it get "full" a few times, which caused overflow (not really leakage) - most of the time, it only gets 1/2 full.

I've read all the amazing comments about how finding the location of your cervix is critical - which I'm embarrassed to say that for a 50-year old, I've never really thought about it.  (The taboo mindset when I was in a Catholic school back then probably has something to do with that).  I'm finding that I evidently have a longer vagina than most women, because when I feel around, my fingers don't ever get to the end where I can feel the cervix.  I even had my husband (under protest) try to see what he could feel, since I figured his fingers are longer, and he couldn't reach the end either.

My point with this is that even when I place the cup at the bottom of my vagina, with the full stem out, it eventually rides way up there, and when it comes time to remove it (even after just a few hours), I have a hard time reaching the end of the stem (which I have not trimmed).  I've tried pushing down with the muscles, and that gets me nowhere.  Even when I have a BM, the cup stays way up there.  I've never had kids, so I don't know if my muscles just can't do that.  This morning, for instance, I was trying for over 1/2 hour to get ahold of it, and trying to pull it down (very slippery).  My thumb nails are so sore from pinching the stem and yanking, I can hardly stand to grab hold of it anymore.  I definitely can't reach the top of the cup to release the seal - it just gets too far up there.

Could all of this be causing the continued leaking?  Any suggestions??

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