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Lunette in Australia - 10% discount code

Sorry if this has already been posted, let me know if it has.

Lunette is now sold in Australia (via http://www.mylunette.com), with a discount on both the bulk packs (sold with pads or padsm cup wipes and cup cleaning gel) plus an extra 10% off if you've been on the mailing list. Type "sep2908" when prompted at the checkout (valid until Sep 29th). They say the offer is extended to my 'friends and family,' and you guys are all my friends so why not :P

The postage is free within Australia, and for the rest of the world (in AUD):
New Zealand.....................$6.40
Asia/ Pacific......................$7.50
USA/ Canada/ Middle East....$8.50
Rest of the world................$10.00

After discount:

1 cup - $47.25
Deluxe pack (cup, wipes, cleaning fluid, 2 cloth pads) - $72.45
Starter pack (cup, 2 cloth pads) - $58.95

You can also buy each of those items separately.

Remember, if you're purchasing multiple items that the 10% discount will be over EVERYTHING except shipping.

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