Ms. Kane (genericjanedoe) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Ms. Kane

Good idea/Bad idea?

I LOVE my (inside out) Diva, and I tell all the women I can about what a great alternative menstrual cups are. I've already converted one friend, but she was already thinking about getting one before I told her about them; I was just the reason for her to take the plunge, so to speak.

Anyway, I've been telling my best friend about my cup love for 7 months now and she has expressed interest in trying one. She doesn't have any major objections to them, except she's worried about cleaning them in the public restroom at work. She's a very green person and she loves the idea of producing less waste.

And yet, she has not invested in one, despite my constant urging.

So here's the question: Her birthday is next week...should I get her one? With the great deal on Divas right now, I was considering it, and thinking that with just a $15 gift on my part, I could get another woman started on the amazingness.

Would this be weird? Is this a personal decision that I should leave to her? Is it OK to assume that she'd want the brand/size I estimate? Do you think this would maybe be the push in the right direction that she's needed? Should I get her a cup?

What are your personal thoughts on cup gifting?
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