mikana78 (mikana78) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Bathroom ritual

So after reading some posts on another site, I've come to realise that not all bathrooms around the world are designed the same, plus theres the whole public toilet issue. So my question is what is your bathroom like? What is your bathroom ritual when it comes to cup usage? Do you have any tips for new users or funny stories about your own learning curve?

Im lucky with this house, as we have a little sink in the toilet. The bathroom sink is the opposite side of the house. BUT having looked at a few rentals in Newcastle, it seems we still have a few houses that only have outside toilets (or outhouses). The rest either had the 3-way bathroom or toilet in the bathroom, near to the sink. (side note, not many places in Newcastle have linen cupboards either, but where I grew up on the coast every house did)

I do freak a little about what I'ld do in a public restroom or at work, but have heard a few mention their "chalice" or taking a spray bottle with them. The only real tip I can offer others is when it comes to a dry run, make sure you choose a time were you are relaxed, and not pressed for time.


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