2000justme (2000justme) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Warning to cloth pad users!

 Ok I figured that cup users sometimes use cloth pads, plus they are more likely to use the smaller pantiliner type pads.
So here is what happened...
I didn't bother to put my pads in a bag or anything and just washed them. Well the first load came out and after taking inventory, I was missing one liner. Ok, well maybe it got lost in the big king size sheets that were with it. So I put the sheets in the dryer and when they came out, I shook them out really well, looking for the lost liner. Nothing. I washed some more pads again today. Upon inventory this time, I was missing another liner! So I started doing some online research about washing machines eating socks and apparently in order to get to the lost socks, I read that I would have to call an engineer!! So I guess I'll (eventually) have to spend money to call an engineer so they can pull my menstrual pads out of my washer!! EMBARASSING!!
So the moral of the story is.... ALWAYS use a lingerie bag to wash your pads (and anything that would mortify you to have a repairman see!!)

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