allissanoel (allissanoel) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I know some people have written about
before but i just have some praise for it!

I have been using it since march to track my periods
and i absolutely love it
i have always wanted to track my periods but i just never seemed to write it on my calendar ya know lol
and now that this is on the internet its easier for me to remember,.
But anyway they now have a new beta version
and it lets you add notes to days
and track your basal temp
My mom and i were just discussing how we wish you could write notes about certain days
Like i get leg cramps sometimes and i get a miagrain every month so we were wishing you could write those down and see if there is a pattern to it.
And then lo and behold
i get on last night to check when im supposed to start
and what do ya know you can add notes to days lol
I just think this is a great thing for us girls
to track our periods
and see if there is some pattern to our cramps or headaches or whatever
And if you were trying to get pregnant it tracks basal temperature and your ovulation so you can even use it to try to get pregnant!
I just think this is awsome!
I want to know everything i can about my body lol
And i figured all of yall would appriciate this!

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