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guess I'm a believer too XD

So I was always a skeptic about cups, but after lurking around vaginapagina, I gave in and ordered a Diva. This is my first cycle with the cup, and to my great surprise, I've barely had any trouble with it at all.

On my first day, I just had intense cramps and very slight leakage (it didn't stain my panties, I only noticed when I wiped myself at the toilet), but after some fiddlinge, I figured out how exactly to insert the cup, and comparing to my tampon usage, how often to take it out depending on the day. On my first day, I should probably take it out every six hours or so, since I bleed too much, and inserting it, I use the C-fold, and once it's half-in, I fiddle around, pushing open anything that's unopened, pulling it out slightly, and then pushing it back in. And I must say, it was a lot better than I was expecting, considering how I've heard a bit of negativity here on menstrual_cups about the Diva. But in all due honesty, it's not too big for my vagina or too long nor do I need to turn it inside out. I'm happy with my purchase.

Aaanyway, I absolutely love it. :D Definetely not going back to tampons, but I'm not sure what to do with mine now. XD I might just save 'em for awhile, and then later on ask my roommate or female friends if they want 'em.

So yeah, just wanted to share my first-time experience. ^^ I'm sold. I'm considering getting a Miacup in the future when I have the funds. XD
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