yazz_flute (yazz_flute) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Shorter Period?

Hi all!
  I'm in my first cycle with my Diva Cup and so far I absolutely love it.  No more having to lug tampons around trying to find a bathroom every couple of hours.  It's wonderful.  I do have one question though and I couldn't seem to find the right place to look in the tags.  I was wondering, is it normal for your period to be much shorter with a cup?  Or am I just experiencing a really short one this time around.  I usually bleed for 5 days.  Today is only the 3rd day and when I checked my cup a little while ago there was just a little bit of slightly red mucous.  Also, does the blood always seem more mucous-y (for lack of a better word) with a cup?

I can't decide if it's different because I'm using a cup for the first time or because I'm just having a weird period.  Lol!

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