2000justme (2000justme) wrote in menstrual_cups,

still having insertion issues

But I wanted to thank everyone for their thoughtful answers. I really appreciate them. I watched the instead movie and I tried the mirror thing. I squatted with the mirror and am finally starting to get a clearer picture. But I still keep freaking out as soon as it barely even grazes the spot. AGH!
I'm currently trying the mooncup. any thoughts on other cups to try? I have one month left before I have to return it (for a refund). The cup itself (in my opinion) seems rather firm and thick and stiff. Are there any that aren't quite as intimidating? I was thinking possibly the ladycup, though I'm not sure how I would order since the website is in pounds (I'm in the U.S. so I think I would need to be able to pay in dollars)

Thank you again, everybody!
Tags: insertion - painful or problems

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