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Divacup Bliss

I was so excited to get my Divacup Saturday that my family ended up switching around our entire schedule just to shut me up. I ran about a block in the pouring rain to go to the store to find that little pink box on the bottom shelf of the health food store. I wanted to put it in right away, but I had to wait until I got home at around 9. It was a nearly excruciating wait through a movie and a long dinner and then the two hour drive home. I was so excited to try it that I put it in almost immediately. I used the pinch-down fold since it looked easiest, which it was for me. I think I was expecting a lot of pain or difficulty from the stories I'd read, but it was so easy for me. I ran my finger around it and could tell it was over my cervix on the first shot. I put on a new pantyliner and went to bed after washing my hands.

All through the night I only had a few drops on my pantyliner in the morning which I assumed was just leftover in the canal. The first take out went just as smoothly and the insertion. I pushed down and reached in to pinch it near the rim, I heard the suction release and just pulled it out. There was no mess, just dump and clean and reinsert. I missed my cervix at first, but I checked it before getting out of the bathroom and fixed it immediately. I wore pantyliners all day just in case, but there were no spots. When I changed it later I was surprised at how little blood there was, and how many pads I probably would have gone through for that. I was so happy that I was dancing and bouncing up and down to tell my mom.

Monday at work I told some of the girls about it and they were interested in possibly trying it if I had continued success. My boyfriend heard so much about it that he was beginning to answer my "guess what" questions with the response of "This isn't about your cup is it?" He is happy for me, because it's so easy and he doesn't have to worry about if he should change his trashcan anymore when I'm on my period. I'm actually almost finished now and I am so excited to try again next month. I think my favorite part of this period other than the cup itself is my boyfriend trying to explain it to a friend asking why I seemed so happy. "You probably don't want to know. But you see there's pads, there's tampons, and then there are these cups..." The guy just gave us the weirdest look and I went crazy laughing. My boyfriend didn't seem to understand why I found it so funny. Thankfully he didn't hold it against us.

In short, Divacup has been a huge success for me and I don't know what to do with the rest of the pads in my bathroom because I will never go back to that.
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