shainamaydel (shainamaydel) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Joy of Joys!

removal and re-insertion went like a dream tonight. dunno if it's the cold water, the 7-fold, luck, or some combination of things, but it popped open and made a seal and was comfy almost right away. like, woah.

next step: deciding how practical/economical it would be to change to cloth pantiliners...i have enough daily discharge that it makes me uncomfortable without a pantiliner, and i usually use kotex lightdays...if i bought or made cloth ones, there would have to be at least 14, and i would have to figure out a way to store them between washings so that they wouldnt smell up everything. i'd go for organic ones instead, but a) they're expensive and b) i am not even sure where to find them in bulk. i dont think i want to use the Diva every day, either, even as easy as it has been today.

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