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By Jove!

I think i got it!
My story is that i got the Divacup last...decemberish, i think. maybe november. Tried it a few times, hoping it would help when i went overseas in January. It was so painful it almost made me cry, and i was always cutting myself with my nails. I put it aside, promising myself i'd try again someday.
fast forward. i find this community. my hope is restored. I tried a few times, but overall decided the pain wasnt worth it...that month, and the next.
TODAY. I said to myself, this is GOING to work. I am running out of disposable pads and i don't want to buy more.
Put the Diva in during my shower this morning, as i'd read some people have done. I got it in ok, but it was extremely painful at first, causing cramping and such, but after some kegels it started to get a little better. about an hour or so later, i went to the bathroom to check on it, noticed some leakage, and decided to take it out. it hurt. i almost gave up right there, but i forced myself to try again...ran it under cold water this time, and....
something like 8 hours later, no leaks. no pain, except when i wipe and i can feel the stem a little--i can't feel it when i'm just sitting though, and i can't get it out without it, so i'm not going to cut it.

i'm kind of scared of taking it out tonight, so i've been putting it off as there are no leaks. i'll write again later tonight or tomorrow to let you know if i'm still getting lucky :-)

assuming that my luck holds, my only worry now is about school. i'm living in a suite this year, sharing a bathroom with 5 other girls, and there is no private sink or anything. i dunno about them, but it would squick me out for other people to see my menstrual fluid, so i'm not looking forward to having to wash it out in the common sink. :-/ anyone else have to deal with this?

p.s. i'm using the 7-fold and it seems to work like a charm for me, with the one exception of the first time this morning.  thank you all, you wonderful ladies, for inspiring me to try, try again!

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