Virginia (lovelylilacs) wrote in menstrual_cups,

An unexpected situation.

A few months ago, when my sister introduced me to the mooncup, she felt really uneasy telling me about it, because she had never tried it and was afraid I would think it was weird. Well, tampons have NEVER worked for me and I used to be really involved in ballet, so I was desperately trying to find something, ANYTHING that would work and keep me from having to skip class when I had a heavy day. So, of course she told me about these things, and I was like, "YES! hope at last!" so she ordered one for me, and I used it during my last period and thought it was the best invention I'd seen in years. I couldn't fathom why anybody would have a problem with it being reusable, all that did was save me money!
So the other night, me and some of my friends were sitting in my room talking, and I mention something about cloth pads- and they all agreed that cloth pads are disgusting!
I was mortified, that my poor friends should be so deceived. So I tried to educate them on the benefits, and they just shook their heads.
I guess people don't take as easily to the idea as I thought.
Anybody else had a shocking situation like this?
Tags: family & friends, pads - cloth
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