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First period with my Lunette (size 2)

I thought I'd share this first experience with all of you :-)

First of all, let me say that, in overall, I'm really happy with my cup. The past two days have been quite a relief in comparison to my previous periods: I only used pads because tampons caused nasty yeast infections, and with a heavy flow those really aren't all that handy. I decided to keep some sort of journal of my first period using my brand new Lunette, and thought some of you might find it interesting / entertaining / recognizable. So that's why I'm posting it over here.

Secondly, some facts about me that made me choose for a Lunette size 2 (which turned out to be the perfect fit):
Age: 20
Length: 1.82m
Weight: 60kg but broad hips
Flow: quite heavy the first two days
Been having sexual intercourse for about two years
But I haven't given birth / been pregnant


10 AM
Period has not yet started but bearing in mind that I’m on BC and my period ALWAYS starts on Monday, I thought it best to insert my Lunette before my period actually started.
I had already done a dry run last week to see how it worked, and knew the push down fold works best for me.
This time, inserting the cup went quite smoothely.

5 PM
No leaks to far. Did decide to take the cup out nonetheless, because my period is usually quite heavy the first day. Not that I had actually noticed that it had started apart from the cramps.
Removal: okay. Though I’m not really that comfortable sticking my fingers that far in to reach the brim. And it doesn’t seem to help anyway, because the seal doesn’t seem to have broken when I try to remove it. Imagine lots of pinching the bottom with my thumb and index, and then about a minute later I finally got it out without too much pain AND without making a mess (!).
The cup was filled till the second line (15ml). Cleaned things up with water, before inserting it once again without any real difficulties.

10 PM
Still not a leak in sight, but after going to the toilet I noticed some brownish stuff on the TP and decided to take the cup out. About the same scenario as the previous time: breaking the seal really ain’t easy but I lived.
Inserting it didn’t went that smooth this time. My Lunette popped open too soon (= pain) and after trying to push it up, I had a rather uncomfortable feeling somewhere at the beginning of my vagina. I decided to ignore it and went upstairs anyway.

11 PM
More discomfort and major leakage. My vagina positively hurt by this time. Not good. I went back downstairs to take it back out.
The seal was even harder to break this time and it really hurt to get it out because of that. And when i finally managed to get it out, all gooey and slippery ... guess what? Yeah, I dropped it in the toilet. Not fun. Luckily I hadn’t peed AND my mother had cleaned the toilet quite thoroughly a couple of hours before.
I waggled towards the sink and started scrubbing the cup with the Lunette washing liquid I had bought together with the cup. And put it back in ... (I really wasn’t in the mood for boiling the cup and i cleaned it really well!) and this time it didn’t hurt of feel uncomfortable.
Then I went to bed.


10 AM
My first thought when I woke up: OMG no leaks! And since the first night I’m on my period is “really” heavy, that’s quite an achievement.
I got my Lunette out without too much of a hassle. Apparently it sits lower went it’s full, which makes it easier to get it out. Spilled some over my hands though because it was so full, but one can’t have everything of course.

4 PM
Getting it out wasn’t fun even though it was more than half full :-(  I’m getting rather afraid every time I have to remove it as well. Not good, because that is definitely not helping me relax.

7 PM
I decided to give it a shot removing the cup in the shower. First I tried while standing but that just didn’t work. Squatting did the trick though. It didn’t actually go smoother than it does when sitting on the toilet, but it was less of a hassle to clean the cup afterwards (I can’t reach the sink when sitting on the toilet so I have to make my way towards the sink, dripping and everything)
And even though I had only had the cup in for about three hours, it was shockingly full. I had always thought my period wasn’t that heavy at all. Okay so I soaked through pads in a couple of hours, but those are pads, y’know. Cheap pads at that. And so far every time I’ve emptied the cup it was filled passed the second measuring line. I don’t think I’ve ever seen as much blood in my life as the past two days.
I put it back in after I had showered, while sitting down the regular way. No problem. W00t!

12 PM
Better empty it once more before going to bed. Once again removing the cup wasn’t all that easy. I really wish it’s going to get easier with some practice, because I really really really don’t like the removal part so far.


to be continued

I don't have any specific questions, though tips about removing the cup might come in handy (but I have read about everything on this site so aparently I'm just not a quick learner)

EDITED: Wednesday 3PM
Tags: first time use, removal - painful or problems, teething troubles

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