spacetime (spacetime88) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Storing Lunette in car?

Hi everyone.  I received my Lunette in the mail today.  My period is scheduled to arrive in about a week, and I'm very excited to try this out.  Here are my questions...

My period isn't always regular.  Sometimes it's a day or two off --- sometimes (if I've been doing a lot of exercise, or overly stressed), it can be 4-5 days off.  I would like to keep a 2nd menstrual cup inside the glovebox in my car.  This way, I am prepared if I'm out running errands, and my period starts.  Is it safe to store the menstrual cup inside the glovebox in my car?  In the summertime, the temperature inside the car can get  pretty hot (up to 90+ degrees Fahrenheit).  Could high temperatures cause the cup to warp/melt?  I don't always carry a purse/bag with me -- just usually a wallet.  Right now, I'm storing tampons and pads inside the glovebox in my car.  I'm curious if I can do the same thing with the menstrual cup. 

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