Sarah (1girl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

The bathroom dash

I posted here earlier about doing a first-time dry run, and now I'm using my cup for real during my period.  I used it for my one pre-period day (I usually spot on my last day of non-placebo pills) and I felt so confident and it was nice not doing the mental calculation of "how many tampons/pantyliners should I bring with me" every time I went out.  Now that I have my period for real though, I am sooo paranoid.  I'm hoping in the long-term using the cup can cut down on my bathroom trips during the work day, but all day today I've been dashing to the bathroom worried about leaks!  There haven't been any so far, but I'm still feeling uneasy.  How many cycles did it take you before you became confident in your cup?

Maybe part of the reason I'm worried is because I'm using the Diva Cup, and I've read some negative things about it compared to other cups.  So far I haven't had any of the issues other people seem to have: mine sits up fairly high so the stem isn't an issue & I can always get my cup to pop open on the first or second try.

I love this community...hahahaha...I want to talk about my cup but it's sort of a weird thing to bring up in conversation.  :)  I told my boyfriend about it and he listened politely, but he obviously operates on the "less is more" principal when it comes to all things menstrual.

Tags: divacup, first time use

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