mikana78 (mikana78) wrote in menstrual_cups,

It finally arrived!

YAH! So my pink cup finally arrived, and I felt anxious all day (long story short, my partner went to the shops couple days back and NEVER came back, lying cheating con artist) but I finally had some time to check things out, couldnt find the folding pics on here (so if anyone can post a link would be appreciated) so had to go by memory, but oddly enough, it actually worked! Really well...with tampons I could always tell it was there, but with the cup, it felt so natural, so comfortable. I couldnt twist it to confirm the seal, but I heard/felt the pop. 

The stem sits just at the entrance though, not sure if this is going to annoy me in a real test or not just yet, but so far so good. My problem - I couldnt get the damn thing out! I became a contortionist trying to get a firm enough grip and couldnt break the seal, basically yanking it out painfully. Now I have a slight dull pain down there. So couple questions...

1) do you know the link for different folding tips?
2) any tips on making removal easier?
3) (I know this isnt stricktly a cup question) How do I add the folding page to my memories on LJ? (I sort of only joined LJ for this group, but am now starting to venture out).

Thanks to all the wonderful ladies who post here, its you guys that gave me the courage/strength to finally purchase a cup.

Tags: dry run, first time use
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