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aargh! leakage, problems on insertion and removal

My period arrived today, one of the worst days of the week for pain and cramps and bleeding. Every month I'm reminded why I'd love to start taking the pill, or get a hormonal IUD inserted so that I don't have to deal with this. But once the worst couple of days are through I decided to go without the hormones until the next month...

I thought that my Keeper would solve some of these problems. No more waste, no more needing to wear pads with tampons in case of leakage etc. WRONG! My Keeper pops open as soon as it can, which means that I have to push it up, sometimes air along with it. It seals so tightly that I find it difficult to remove but it isn't sealing in the right place because only half of the flow actually ends up in the cup. I'm starting to feel like giving up because I'm so sick of needing to reach what seems like half my arm up myself to break the seal.

My attempt before at getting it out was only half-hearted. I really hoped that I could grab the stem and pull the cup down but it's slippery and no use. I almost pulled a muscle in my finger trying to grab the thing.

From all I've read, practice is the key but that's something that I don't think I can do with this cup anymore. Has anyone found that other cups (say, silocone ones) are more flexible and easier to remove? That's something else- once I do reach a finger in, I break the seal and fold the cup. But as I pull it out it inevitably pops open or is really just flattened and really hurts.

Sorry if this is just a giant rant. This period is worse than usual, I don't think I've ever been this close to tears just because of hormones before. :(

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