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New to all this...

Alright I just got some Instead Disposables..... all i have to say is OMG!

I read the instructions several times over and im still at a loss. It almost always manages to move down lower than i place it and im still getting leakage. Also, anyone find that altho is comfortable, you can still feel it"? (because my mind tells me, YOU HAvE A CUP IN YOUR COOCHIE!) 

My main issue. how can i get it to sit better in me? i was reading through a nd have been for days but it all goes towards reusables. My issue is getting Instead to get in there and stay in there and not leak on me

Any suggestions? 

AlEdits!   Alright i have come to the conclusion its too darn big for me... I could wear the plastic ring as a bracelet for chrissakes xD off to get a reusable haha
Tags: insertion, instead, leakage & spotting

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