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cleanup efforts and enviro impact

Hey kids!  I've been using my Mooncup (UK) since, oh, probably February or so and generally I like it.  I got it in part because I wasn't really feeling satisfied with tampons, and didn't think my laundry situation lended itself well to cloth pads (which I would like to include in my monthly routine in some way, though!).  The other reason was to minimize waste as I'm interested in altering my environmental footprint (obviously using a re-usable menstrual product isn't the only thing in my life that I've altered to meet this goal).

But I don't think I am minimizing waste- in fact, I think that when I remove, rinse, mash around with toilet paper, and re-insert my cup, I waste loads of water and end up flushing a lot of toilet paper anyway- I almost want to say that I may as well be using disposables!  The worst offender is that usually when I take out my cup, there's like this mucus-ey string hanging out of me that needs removal. 

Do any of you have any cool cup cleanup techniques to share with me?  I'm looking to make handling my cup during use as clean and efficient as possible!

ETA:  Thanks for all your feedback (and keep it comin' if you're late to the party!), it's reassuring to be reminded that my menstrual practices aren't as wasteful as they can seem to me when I'm in the thick of it when it's all gone a bit messy, and there's some good stuff to try in here too!
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