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Any suggestions

I bought a Diva cup last month after reading extensively the posts on the site. THANKS! This place has been so super helpful.
While I love the greeness of using  the cup versus pads or tampons-I had so so results with the diva.
Mostly about getting the darn thing to pop open. I tried all the different folds I could find on the site, and the different insertion methods including running the cup under cold water to stiffen it up. I found the c fold works best, and using the insert,pull slightly out let it pop open then push back in.
The problem I am having seems to be two fold. (no pun intended):)
First- When I re-insert after I let it pop open,it seems the vaginal walls and "squishing the sides" back flat.Not all the way flat but indented. I cannot turn the cup either,which doesn't concern me too much as I have read many others have the same problem. I have tried to feel around the cup and occasionally I feel the indentations,sometimes not...
Second-I have a tilted uterus and it is very hard to find the right angle for the cup to sit in. It seems like the cervix is "way" up there - maybe I just have short fingers:) because when I remove the cup I have to seriously bear down to get it to come down far enough for me to grab.
Some times during the day I had leakage, sometimes not.
I can't seem to find out what I am doing correct when I manage no leaks :)LOL. I thought the leakage might be due to the slight indentations, but wouldn't you know it- there was no leakage when I knew it was indented. Maybe it moved into the proper position after I got up and moved around...I don't know.
Sure would be helpful to have a friggin camera up there to see where the heck it's sitting!
I am going to stick with it. Even with the slight leakage I had I am committed to the green use of the cup.Maybe with another cycle or two I'll finally get the hang of it to perfect it!
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