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Okay, so you might already know this - but I was surprised today to find that the different types of cups are listed on Wikipedia. But are the measurements/capacity seem right to you? Does the keeper large and small only hold 13 ml? Heres the link for those not bothered to google it - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menstrual_cup I found it interesting that the Keeper has been around sinc 1987, and the Mooncup (uk) was the first silicone cup. The fact they have been around since 1932 was the most interesting part. I can see why the advertising would have been harder then, and the net has made world wide sales much easier. It didnt state what they were made of, but Im assuming some type of rubber?

My real question - why didnt I know about this sooner? How come they are still not available over the counter in Australia (we seem to be behind the world at these) and with people being more "green" these days, do you think they'll make the schools health/sex education?  Oh - and the best part of this story though - is the link for menstrual cup support comes to this very site :) Doesnt that make you proud? I must admist that it was finding this site that first introduced me to the ideas of cups, let alone research and reading others posts that led me to eventually buy one.

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