kgrove (kgrove) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New to all of this...

I had an IUD inserted about 5 months ago, and now my period is extremely heavy and I can't stand going through so many tampons, so I want to get a cup. Problem is...I know nothing about them. I have read a lot of the past entries on here and learned a little bit, but I was hoping for some input from you guys on a few things. First, any suggestions on what kind I should try? I am 25, no kids, never pregnant. I was looking at the diva cups just b/c that is what seems to be around me in the US, but I see that there are many more available that I can order online, and I have read a lot of posts about the divas being too large/long. I guess I am looking for something small. Also...I saw a post about using cups during sex? Can you do this with all of the cups or just certain ones? Because that is amazing! Thanks for any help :)
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