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Lunette Cup and Paragard IUD

I posted this on IUD Divas...but thought I'd share it here too as I learned everything I know about cups here! Thanks!
I've had my paragard since Feb 08. The insertion was painful but mostly just felt super-weird [i've never had kids nor been pregnant].
My period is longer, stronger and meaner now that I have the Paragard - but it's totally worth it.  And my period has gotten less intense with each month. [The first two months were pretty insane]

Anyhow, I'd never really heard much about menstrual cups until I started doing research about IUDs. I finally got a Lunette in May 08 -- I picked that one because it's supposedly ok to use with IUDs. I love love love it. It was kinda hard to get used to it - but it's so much better than tampons! Not to mention greener etc. I highly recommend use of a menstrual cup with IUDs. I didn't start using one til after my third period. I'd been using tampons and I don't really see how tampons are any safer than a menstrual cup! Especially with my heavy-ass paragard period, I was blood-letting through super & superplus obs like every 3 hours.

Now before I switched to the Lunette, I was sorta worried about strings and expulsion cause I definitely could feel the strings more when I was on my period [cause the cervix sits lower or whatever]. Plus my BF [who's not huge or anything] could totally feel them and said they were really pokey. so I had my gyno trim my strings at  my yearly appt.  Awesome! Now I don't worry at all about yanking it out AND my bf can't feel pokey strings anymore. Everybody wins!
Tags: heavy blood flow, iud, lunette
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