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Divacup difficult to remove? ...and BM muscles only working as intended?

First off: I'm 20, have not given birth, and technically sexually active (assuming penis-shaped objects count...haha).

I had a lot of problems getting the cup in when I tried a dry run a month ago. Here's a little insight into my vaginal layout: At the entrance, there's this thick wall on the front side that rounds off after about an inch and a half or so. I have to get the entire cup well past this in order for it to sit comfortably. Sometimes it tilts upwards a bit once it completely passes that wall/bump, sometimes it lays horizontal. Either way, it's comfortable. (By the way, I had to completely lob off the stem because it kept biting me. And if the cup tilts, it hits the flap of skin at the back of the entrance, or irritates the back wall. Either way, it really hurt.)

Since I can't just reach into the entrance a few centimeters and pull it out, I have to bear down pretty hard. It worked just fine during the dry run. And twice in the last day. Since my period's slowing down, I think my cervix is pretty high...the cup seemed to be riding really high. This last time I tried to get it out, I ran into some major difficulties. The entrance seemed to close off almost completely. When I went in to grab it, my fingers were gripped by the closing entrance and it felt like there was no way the cup would fit out, even folded. I can usually just pinch the base a little and wiggle it out.

Finally, I decided to wait. After an hour, I laid on my back with my torso propped on some pillows. I lubed up my fingers and eventually got my thumb and forefinger in, gripped the cup, and wiggled it out.

Basically, my vag is cutting off the entrance and it's hard to get the cup out. Oh, and pushing isn't working like it used to because I can't seem to isolate the right muscles. BM pushing was working, but now it's only working for, well, BMs...

So, any ideas what's going on? I might be tense, I have to remind myself to breathe. I hold my breath when pushing, which is why I gave up on the pushing. But on my dry run I could just push a little and it would pop out enough for me to grab it. Even when i was breathing and feeling pretty relaxed, I had the same problem. Help?

And yes, even after that incident, I popped it right back in. So now I'm having the same problem...
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