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First timer, need a bit of help.

I have decided for various reasons to buy a cup. I'm expecting AF Wednesday or Thursday, but I won't be able to get a cup until Saturday when I go to Birmingham. I figured I would jump start everything by using the instead cup until then. I'm very excited, but I have a few questions. I have already tried a dry run for the instead, and although it was short, it was comfortable and actually easy to get out, but it felt like the cup part pulled up, so I would think it would spill a lot on taking it out. I also plan on using the Instead for sex, and I'm concerned about the cup shifting since my guy isn't exactly small. Has anyone had issues with either of these? I have never been heavy enough to need the towel, but I don't exactly like having to see blood all over us when we finish which would be the only reason I would use it.

I will be getting the Divacup next Saturday. I'm extremely excited and I want to be able to start with it straight away. Is there any quick way to clean it before use away from home? I want to know if I should get the large or the small size. I am younger than 30, no kids, but I do have a heavy flow sometimes, and as I've stated before, my guy isn't small so I don't know if that should factor in at all in choosing a size.

Thanks to anyone who helps me out. I'm so excited for this period to come so I can try it all out.
Tags: buying decisions, cleaning, divacup, first time use, instead, sexual activity, sizes/size issues
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