rawfood08 (rawfood08) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Diva Cup worked one day and now I have leaks!

This past weekend I was in a wedding. I was expecting my period so I put it in Friday for the first time and it worked because after the rehearsal dinner I saw that I got my period and didn't even know it. Put it in again Saturday but was checking it a lot because I definitely didn't want to leak in my bridesmaid dress! Today, however, I've been leaking. I'm doing the same thing and I use the origami fold because I hear it's the easiest for it to pop open. I checked it throughout the day and it seems to be open. I can feel the bottom and it seems alright although I can't feel all the way up, although, sometimes it seems to be in the shape of an oval instead of a circle. When I pull it out, it seems to have suction and it was definitely catching so it just seems like it's not catching all of it.

Is it not popped open? And what can I do to fix it?

I'm definitely doing the same thing I did the last two days so I don't know what changed. Really appreciate any help! Thank you!

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