pineapple44 (pineapple44) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Major Removal Issues / Are Larger Cups Easier to Remove?

I've been using the small Lady Cup. Insertion is easy, and I can wear it comfortably for 12 hours (or more) without leaks.

My only problem is the dang thing will not come out. I've read all the tips on here about how to make removal easier. I still have had no luck and I end up spending about 30 minutes each time wrestling in frustration with my cup to get it out. Not fun. There have been times when I've worn it for 24 hours because I just could not remove it. During my last period I gave up, resorted to tampons, and decided that the small Lady Cup will never again enter my vagina.

Has anybody with similar problems found that the larger sized cups are easier to remove? I wonder if being able to reach the base more easily to squeeze and break the suction would help? (The Lady Cup sits very high for me. I try to bear down, reach up to break the suction, pull the stem etc, but I always lose my grip. The cup always re-suctions itself, instantaneously slides right back up, and I have to start over. grr).

Maybe a large Lady Cup would be easier?...or a large Lunette? Are the firmer cups easier to remove? Why does the Lady Cup get soooo stuck?

Thanks for any input.
Tags: removal - painful or problems

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