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Thank you!

Some of you may remember I came here in a panic over "reliable sources" for a paper I was writing dealing with menstrual products. I wanted to say THANK YOU! I just turned in the final draft of the paper tonight. All in all, it ended up being 19 pages long, and 13 pages of um, actual content. The rest was extra gobbledygook my professor required. I also wanted to give you guys the opportunity to see the finished product if you want. So, if there are any takers to read my "Causal Analysis to Determine the Effects of Disposable Feminine Hygiene Products on the Environment" I'll maybe be able to put up at least the important parts in my journal or something. Before you go crazy and I get chewed on, know that it was a paper written for a male professor so I had to use that awful phrase. You know the one - "disposable feminine hygiene products" - his choice not mine, but he's the one with my academic future in his hands so I had to conform.
Anyway, thanks for all your help. I think I would have gone into anxiety attack mode if it wasn't for you guys.
Oh, I haven't gotten the grade back on it yet, but who knows with this one... he's got a wonky grading system where you can apparently have a "satisfactory F" so I'd say he's completely unhinged from reality.

EDIT: Wow, okay, well I'm trying to figure out how I can put it up without information overload, ya know? Anyway, once I get that all straightened out, I'll post the link. Thanks for your interest. I hope you enjoy it.
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