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Hello everyone! I'm so happy to tell this story and I hope it inspires girls like me!

So I posted a post a couple months ago asking a pretty popular question: "I'm only 14 I've only had my period for a short amount of time and I'm a virgin. Will the cup be too big? Will it hurt?" and so on. Anyway I got my lady cup a month ago, did a quick dry run (worked ok not much like the real thing) and today my period starts, and it was the first day of school! Ugh! But I decided to use my cup anyway so I popped it in. (It has popped open every time I've used it, four times so far, including the dry run.) And I couldn't feel a thing! So I went to school, confident it wouldn't leak because it was the first day of my cycle so it was a moderate/light day. I wore a pantyliner just in case but I didn't need it. I had no leaks the entire time!!!!!! I felt like I didn't have my period!!! I tell you my biggest worry now is that I'll forget to take it out!!!!! So about 8 hours later I took it out. Removal was pretty easy, the stem was right there (even after cutting it a tiny bit) so not a very far reach and bearing down really, really helps. The only thing is it was sort of messy, I'm sure I'll get the hang of it though. I was so surprised how heavy of a flow it was!! Then I washed it and reinserted and I tell you this is amazing!!!! I had faith it would be good but I never dreamed it would be this good or comfortable! I just want to say I recommend this to everyone!!!

Anyway, sorry I babbled but I hope this may help any of you that may be undecided about the cup, especially young girls, I know people don't post as many success stories as problems but there are lots of people out there that have used the cup successfully from the start.

I want to thank this community!! Without your help and posts I would have never tried the cup or picked the lady cup which I'm completely and totally in love with!!!! (wow, that was super corny and sounded like a graduation speech but it's true!)
Tags: age, first time use, lady cup, success stories, virginity
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