hypergurl7 (hypergurl7) wrote in menstrual_cups,

"Hard" carrying pouches?

I like to keep my pads/tampons in the front of my back pack (rucksack) when I'm in school. That area is often faced down on the floor when I'm in class or crammed in my locker when I'm not there. I'm concerned about my cup getting crushed/"smooshed" when this happens. My solution to this is to buy a "hard" case, similar to the one I use for my glasses. (e.g. one with hinges and that has a hard exterior). I was wondering if anyone had an idea of what kind of case I could buy. I know there are tons of cases you can buy for electronics etc, but I don't know where to start. I know the cheapest way to go is to buy a tupperware container, but I don't want it to be see through or too big. Any imput you could give me would really help! Thank You!
Tags: cup pouch & storage
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