darianna52 (darianna52) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Period lightening with age?

I know this is kind of off topic and I'm sorry, but this is the only place I could ask:
I think my period has gotten lighter over the past...I dunno, year or so. Is this usual?
I just turned 26 and started using a menstrual cup 2 years ago, so it's not likely cup related.

Have been off the pill for years. I used to have 3 really heavy days on my period (my measures: emptying the cup every 2-4 hours) but nowadays I only have one heavy day. I also start with a few days of spotting whereas I used to go directly to the heavy days.

Am I the only one who has experienced this? I'm just curious. And hopeful! Maybe it will get even lighter still! ;-) My period has always been living h*ll for me, even though the cup has made it a lot easier...when I discussed the matter with my girlfriends, I have come to realize I bleed MUCH more than the average woman...maybe that's about to change?

And how about after childbirth? Anyone want to share? ;)

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