diana_12345 (diana_12345) wrote in menstrual_cups,

End of first period using cup, quick question included

okay, so my review is, wow, tampons are a thing of my past!!! this is SO much better!

so actually i've learned that i tend to have heavy flow, which is why my period is only 1.5 to two days: i bought a ladycup in the smaller size, and the fit is perfect, but i do have to empty it out a couple of times during the day, because it fills up about every 4 hours.

would i maybe do better with the larger/regular size that holds more? my only concern is, this size is SO comfortable, i can't feel it at all: the only way i know it's in is that it presses on my bladder a bit and i have to use the bathroom more frequently. the bigger one is almost twice as large, would it be less comfortable? again, i am using ladycup, which is very squishy and comfortable in general.

thanks for any advice, and i'm so glad this forum exists!!! it helped me so much in learning about cups and choosing which to buy, and how to use. a month ago i was sick of tampons and just had a vague idea about cups. i may not have followed through and bought one if it wasn't for all of the great information on this site. thank you!

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