lobster14 (lobster14) wrote in menstrual_cups,


After dropping my cup in the toilet this morning, and deciding that washing was not going to be enough to ease my mind, i decided to boil my mooncupuk.  after putting it in the pot i left it alone. after being in there for a minute or so, i noticed that it was just sitting on the bottom. i thought that maybe that could melt the cup, so i used a fork to pull it off the bottom. there was a little resistance and it seemed like the cup had been stuck to the bottom. after taking it out, i noticed a tiny spot on the bottom of the pot. (maybe the size of the letter "o" in this font size) it was easy to scrape off, and im assuming that the edge of the cup must haved melted a little.  on the actual cup itself, there is no difference. it looks pretty much exactly the same as when it went in, except it was a bit sticky. and a little cloudy.  and when it dried there was some white flaky residue, that rinsed off easily.  has this happened to anyone else? should i be worried about using a cup that possibly experienced a small degree of melting? any advice or feedback is greatly appreciated!
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