Jackie (agraciado) wrote in menstrual_cups,

miacup review

I have TWO 5% discount codes for miacup, just reply here with your email and I'll pass them onto you.  They've been claimed.

For a little mini review, I am one of the people that always had problems with the diva cup (leaking, slipping) and then switched to the mooncup uk and had no problems.  I decided to try miacup because it's a little bigger and it worked great!  No leaks and it felt a lot like the mooncup uk. 

My only con is that I thought I would love the purple color, but I found myself less than thrilled with it.  I found that I had to spend more time washing it because it was harder to see if the holes were blocked than it is with clear cups.

If anyone has Miacup questions, let me know!
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