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Help. Floppy Vag?

I’m on my 4th or 5th cycle using the Diva Cup (larger size; because I’ve had two big babies). I’m having moderate success and even though it’s not working perfectly, I still like this much better than pads and tampons (which always made my vulva ache).

I’ve been reading this community for a while, trying to get my answers without making a “HELP” post, but nothing is working. At first, proper insertion seemed to just be blind luck. My cervix is always really high so I couldn’t reach it until this cycle, and suddenly it’s low enough to feel. (I had an IUD for 2 years in 2004-2006, and I could never reach it to feel for the strings either). When my cervix is too high to reach, I just shove the cup in and hope for the best. Half the time it leaks, either a little or a lot, and the rest of the time it falls down too low. It seems if it stays in high enough, it means it’s not in the right place. Before this cycle, I couldn’t figure it out because there was no way I could reach my cervix.

So, THIS cycle, for whatever reason, I *can* reach my cervix! I get the cup in just fine and it pops open most of the way, but is still sucked slightly together. I reach up and feel around and it is not completely covering my cervix, so I wiggle it and shift it until it sucks in a little air, and makes a nice circle around my cervix. But by then it is sitting too low and feels like it’s hanging out all day. I can’t push it in any higher! It doesn’t leak though. I sit at my desk and work and can’t really feel it, but as soon as I stand up it drives me nuts how low it is.

I have already trimmed the stem off (I think I have a tilted uterus, and I couldn’t even get it in with the stem on). I’ve tried using different folding methods, but all of them seem to work about the same. By the time I get it popped open (and with the rim no longer slightly sucked inwards), it is too far down and doesn’t seem to have suction any longer. I tried turning it inside out to make it shorter, and that worked (and felt great; or rather, I felt nothing!) for about 10 minutes, until it started to fall out again.

So what’s my problem? I need a shorter cup? I have weak vaginal muscles? I need to work more on getting the hang of it? I just have a floppy vag?

The only thing I can think of that I haven’t tried is widening the holes. Is that the next course of action? I don’t want to ruin it, and I don’t know if it would help. The funny thing about all this is that even with the problems I'm having, I STILL love the cup more than tampons! I can't imagine how great it'll be when I get the hang of it.

PS. I got my SIL a Diva Cup a few months ago. I am going to visit her tomorrow and will get to ask how she's doing with hers. I hope she's tried it. I'm excited for her!

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