sheartm7 (sheartm7) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New User - Diva Cup Removal question

Hi everyone,

I used my Diva Cup for the first time last weekend. It was towards the end of my cycle and I've only inserted/removed it once so far. I've looked at the entries in here that are tagged Removal, but I couldn't find the answer to my particular question.

My issue with removal isn't breaking the suction - it's being able to get to the stem!  When I went to remove it the first time, I had a lot of difficulty just being able to grasp the stem/base without accidentally pushing it further up. It was slippery and a good 1-2 inches up there. I beared down, squatted, etc. I did the BM pushing movements which eventually did the trick, but I was exhausted from all the pushing afterwards. 

Any tips for how to get the cup to move down when your fingers just can't quite reach it?

Another question - the one time I had it in, after about my hour, I started getting a little lightheaded, my stomach felt knotted and my legs felt tingly and weak. And my cramps were bad. I was out at the time, and when I came home and managed to remove it, I was much better. Is this just my body getting used to it?

Appreciate any feedback/advice. Thanks! :)
Tags: removal
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