lutyalapo (lutyalapo) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I discovered my elusive cervix!

I am currently in the middle of my third period with a large Ladycup and it's proving to be much different from my last two cycles.  The first two, the cup rode high enough that I did not need to cut off any of the stem because it fit all the way inside.  I also had never been able to find my cervix (during or between my periods).  However, this period the cup kept riding low and the stem is a bit irritating, so now I'm considering trimming it.  I didn't understand why until I investigated and found my cervix for the first time!  It's so cute and smooth :).  It must be lower than in the past and so it is causing the cup to sit lower.  Also, today for the first time I was having quite a bit of leaking.  I took it out and reinserted it and realized that my cervix was outside of the cup - wow!  I pulled the cup a little lower and also kind of tried to push the cervix up and inside the rim.  But at least I know why I was having leaks.
Tags: cervix position, leakage & spotting, stem length/trimming

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