diana_12345 (diana_12345) wrote in menstrual_cups,

update day 2: yikes, i hardly bleed! (maybe i'm a man???)

okay, tried searching the archives, and google, and what i've found is that during an average period there is approx 2-3 oz blood for most women (meaninging 2-3 full menstrual cups).

i still love the ladycup, still can't feel it and no leaks . . . but it's my second day and i was shocked when i took it out and saw that i only bled enough to barely cover the bottom of the cup, same as yesterday! i normally have a 1-2 day period (really, closer to a day and a half), so my period is pretty much over and i don't think i bled more than 1/4 of an ounce! not even, maybe, because i bought the smaller size ladycup, so it may hold less than an ounce.

i've asked several drs., and they have always said it was no problem that my period is so short, but now i'm kind of distressed because my period is really short AND i've just learned that i hardly bleed at all . . . i mean, i always knew i had really light periods, but this doesn't seem normal, the cup was maybe 1/8 full . . .

anyone have any info on this??? have to admit, i'm 33 and would like to have children someday, so it's a bit worrisome to think that i might have some sort of problem . . . maybe someone else has a similar period?

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